2800 Rideview Drive, Beatrice, Nebraska 68310


Metal Fabrication

Start to finish, Precise Fabrication can meet all your metal fabrication needs.  In 2010, we added a second laser that can cut up to 1” of carbon steel, .5” of stainless steel, and a sheet size up to 5’ X 10’.  Our Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) allows us to cut material 24 hours a day.  Along with our 2 lasers, we also have press brakes, turret punch, shear, roller, band saw, and numerous other machines to make the quality product that our customers expect.


The welders at Precise Fabrication can MIG, TIG or Resistance weld your parts to give you the best quality part available.  We design and build our own weld fixtures to maximize efficiencies during new product development and assure consistency throughout production.  Our climate controlled plant along with the Industrial Maid air filtration system creates an ideal work environment for our employees to maintain quality work throughout the year.

Welding Bays


Our engineering personnel will work with your staff to create the best manufactured product possible.  We utilize SolidWorks for product design, but can utilize other files that you may have, if possible.  Our SMART system nesting software gives us maximum sheet utilization which allows Precise Fabrication to be competitively priced.

Other Services

Precise Fabrication provides light assembly, local delivery, product testing, and other services to meet your various needs.  We also have access to powder coating, metal finishing, and machining from qualified area suppliers.